Standard Version

Pro Version

Special Package

ITEM 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 24 Month 36 Month 60 Month Life Time
Letter of Intent Regular Rs. 1500 Rs. 3000 Rs. 5000 Rs. 9000 Rs. 17000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 35000 Rs. 90000
Back Date all notice (old Notice) Rs. 5000 Rs. 15000 Rs. 30000 Rs. 50000 Rs. 90000 Rs. 125000 Rs. 200000 --
Back Date Letter of Intent per company Rs. 10000 Rs. 25000 Rs. 45000 Rs. 80000 Rs. 150000 Rs. 200000 Rs. 300000 --

Bank Account

Bank Name Account Name Account Number
Global IME Bank, Kantipath E-Pahal Nepal 08-01-01-0001709
NIC Asia Bank, Teku E-Pahal Nepal 43-41-05-184405-2401

Remit Transfer

Users can make payment through remittance. Contact us for more details.

IME Transfer

Users can make payment to our Global IME Bank account through IME remit transfer.

Online Banking Transfer

Users can use their online banking to make payment for direct payment at our bank account.


Users can make payment through E-sewa to our user id bishalnaf@gmail.com please mention your company name and mobile number at remarks session.

Cheque/ draft

We accept cheque and draft made on our company’s name: E-Pahal Nepal


Users can contact us to make payment on cash. *PAN Invoice and receipt are provided after payment as per user’s need.